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Danza Contemporanea

a cura di Bonnie Paskas

Piccole articolazioni e movimenti delicati costituiscono le fondamenta di un uso fluido e coesivo del corpo favorendo una forza agile nell’espressione e nel benessere fisico.


Small articulations and subtle movements build to support a fluid and cohesive use of the body while promoting a supple strength in physical expression and well being.

Bonnie Paskas was born in Melbourne, Australia.
Working as a freelancer since 2006 Bonnie has performed and toured extensively in “Glow” for Chunky Move, in several works for Frances D’Ath and in the “VIANNE” series of Shelley Lasica. Bonnie joined Origen Festival for “Coronation Anthems” and “Belshazzar” in 2012, and then in numerous works over the following years. Other projects include “L’amore de Loin” by Daniela Kurz, “Parsifal” by Romeo Castellucci and most recently “Bedford Suite” by Riikka Läser.



info: 3277022970


Bonnie:  327.7022970



martedì e giovedì

ore 11:00-13:oo


 lezioni prova:

29 settembre 2020

1 ottobre 2020

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